The aim of this DSS Directory is to provide end users of decision tools with an understanding of what tools are available, how they can or have been used, and what is required to use them. This directory contains key information on a wide range of computer models, both spatial and non-spatial, and decision frameworks that can be used in policy development and implementation. To find out more about types of DSS's and their potential uses see DSS Overview section.

The primary audience for this DSS Directory is staff at Regional and Unitary Councils in New Zealand. The long term goal is that the DSS Directory will support decision making across the four well-beings within which Councils are required to work. Currently the breadth and depth of DSS's varies across the management domains with a tendancy towards environmental and catchment based tools. Over time further tools and case studies will be added to the directory. The development of this directory has been funded by an Envirolink tools grant. The project has been supported by Regional and Unitary Council Special Interest Groups.

Searching the DSS Directory can be undertaken using the search bar, or you can broadly view DSS’s under the Types, Management Domains, or stages of the Policy Planning Cycle areas below.

Supporting information is also provided to users via the menus to the right, to understand definitions used, the types of DSS’s and their potential applications.


Suggestions for Improving the Directory?

A Suggestion Box is also provided to allow Users to suggest other tools and case studies to include in the directory, or to suggest improvements.

Currently the DSS’s provided are weighted towards bio-physical parameters such as land and water. This is due in some degree to the historic and recent focus on these issues by Councils. The aim is to further populate the Directory with more DSS’s from other management domains and outcome areas. If you have any other ideas please got to the Suggestion Box.

Future additions: A developing list of other DSS's that could be added to the directory in future - please check this out to guide your suggestions


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