Finding your way around the DSS Directory

Here are some tips about how the DSS Directory is set up and how to find what you might need.

Navigating around the Directory

 The main toolbar provide quick access to the key parts of the DSS Directory and access to the search functions (Fig. 1).


Figure 1: Layout of Main Toolbar

The primary way to access DSSs from the Home page is by management domains (i.e. Air Quality, or Biosecurity) using the range of 'Tiles'. Clicking on a 'Tile' will provide you with search results for all models loaded in the Directory that relate to that management domain (Fig. 2).

 Tiles Click

 Figure 2: Using Management Domain Tiles 


Another way to find what you are looking for is to use the search box or the advanced search function. The advanced search function allows you to narrow your search based on key model attributes (metadata fields). Multiple criteria can be added to this search process (Fig. 3)

Advanced search

 Figure 3: Advanced Search Layout

Understanding more about DSS's and their application

To understand the different types of DSS's presented in the Directory see the Overview page.

To understand more about the selection and use of DSS's in policy development and implementation check some Other DSS Resources