MM - Wellington Regional Model

The Wellington Region Mediated Modelling (MM) provided an opportunity for 9 - 15 representative stakeholders to come together over a period of three workshops (April, May, October 2011) to interactively build a scoping model to link social, cultural, economic and environmental issues in one framework.

Stakeholders identified and built their understanding and mutual appreciation of the key stocks and flows in the model (such as population density, land use, infrastructure, employment) and the dynamic interaction between these variables.

The scoping model with linkages and feedbacks can be run over-time to illustrate long-term intended and unintended consequences of decisions. This model has been devloped by Ecological Economics Research New Zealand (EERNZ) and was mainly used for policy formulation in the Wellington Region.




The model currently contains five sectors: (1) Population and Households, (2) Economics, (3) Natural Environment, (4) Government, and (5) External Factors (that influence the Wellington Region).

These five sectors are interconnected through the following feedback loops: (1) “Population and Households” affect “Economics” and vice versa, (2) “Economics” and “Government” are interconnected, (3) “Economics” affect the “Natural Environment” and vice versa, and lastly (4) “Population and Households” affect the “Natural Environment” which in turn affects “Economics” and therefore ultimately again the “Population and Households”.

In addition to these four feedback loops, the effects external factors (like for instance earthquakes) have on the regional economy, natural environment and population are also taken into account.

Associated Models

Mediated Modelling (MM)

The foundations of mediated modeling (MM) are grounded in group model building.


Marjan van den Belt, Vicky Forgie, Melanie Thornton, Garry McDonald (2011): Wellington Region Mediated Modelling - Pre-report supporting Action Research and Integrated Assessment.

van den Belt, M., Forgie, V., Stouten, H., Thornton, M., & McDonald, G. (Forthcoming). Wellington Region Mediated Modelling - Post-report supporting Action Research and Integrated Assessment. Report, Ecological Economics Research New Zealand, Palmerston North, New Zealand.