CLUES was used to assess the changes in the nitrate loads for the Waikato catchment under two scenarios. The scenarios were 1) planting and retiring Land Use Capability classes 6e, 7, and 8,  and 2) matching land use to Land Use Capability.

 CLUE waikato3

The observations from the study were that: 1) soil conservation planting and retirement are likely to reduce N load in the Waikato catchment (c.f. 2002 land use), 2) matching land use to LUC will likely increase nitrogen load in the Waikato catchment (c.f 2002 land use), and 3) the positioning of intensive land use in the Waikato catchment is likely to affect the N load from the catchment.

The benefits of using CLUES were seen as: 1) provides a nationally consistent modelling approach, 2) all outputs are part of a single spatial framework, 3) underlying models are more likely to be accepted and defendable, 4) promotes consistent policy approach and/or ability to compare across regions.

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