Multicriteria Analysis and Choice Modelling - 1000Minds (1000Minds)


1000Minds helps with decision-making, prioritisation and discovering stakeholder preferences. Depending on the application, 1000Minds can also help users think about the ‘value for money’ of alternatives and allocate budgets or other scarce resources. As well as stand-alone decision tools, there are customisable processes to include potentially 10s or 100s (even 1000s!) of participants in a variety of group decision-making activities.


Invented by Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler, 1000Minds emerged from research at the University of Otago in the late 1990s into methods for prioritising patients for elective surgery. We developed a new approach to the universal problem (in myriad applications) of how to combine alternatives’ characteristics on multiple criteria or attributes in order to rank the alternatives. 1000Minds was quickly acknowledged as being an exciting new approach to Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and Conjoint Analysis. In 2003 we established our company 1000Minds Ltd to ensure the software’s long-term success. We’re based in Dunedin and Wellington, New Zealand, from where we work with users all over the world.

Latest Version
State of Development Released and final

Development Contact

Franz Ombler and Paul Hansen
+64 21 226 2660
1000Minds Ltd
31 Connell Street, Dunedin 9013, New Zealand

Main Developers

  • 1000Minds Ltd


Outcome Areas Economic, Environmental, Social, Cultural
Management Domains General
Intended End Users
  • Researcher
  • Regional Council Scientist
  • Policy Analyst
  • General Usability
  • Implementation Staff
Temporal Extents Unknown
Steady State or Dynamic Unknown

Input & Output Data

Output Data Formats XLS(S), Image File(s)


Open/Closed Source Closed Source
Licence Type Annual licence.
Licence Cost
(Non Commercial)
Price negotiable
Licence Cost
Price negotiable
Licence Purchase Contact
+64 21 226 2660
1000Minds Ltd
31 Connell Street, Dunedin 9013, New Zealand

User Information

Operating Systems Unknown, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Dos executable Just need a browser
User Interface Other (please specify) browser
Ease of Use Easy Most people are up and running within minutes. Demos and templates from a wide range of application help people to understand how they can apply 1000Minds to their domain. There are some advanced features that require more time to get used to. Being browser based it is easy for people to navigate and a flowbar steps people through processes.
Use in Policy Process Plan (Policy Formulation), Do (Policy Implementation), Check (Policy Evaluation)


Support Email and telephone support. See

Technical Considerations

Programming Language None
Methods included for calibration and validation The PAPRIKA algorithm is used to calibrate weights for criteria and levels.
A tool is available to test the consistency of decision-makers.
Group decision-making and stakeholder preference elicitation facilities allow surveying and analysis of large groups of people.
Sensitivity analysis tools.
Analytical Techniques Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
Linkages to other Models
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