AusPlume is a Gaussian-plume model used for modelling the dispersal of gasses under the assumption of steady state conditions. Modelling can occur at hourly time breaks with each hour modelled independently to prior time periods and considering only the constant meteorological conditions in that time period.                                                                      


AUSPLUME and ISCST3 are principally designed for calculating impacts in regions of flat terrain. The more advanced AERMOD and CTDMPLUS are designed for use when complex terrain is an issue. Whether designed for flat or complex terrain, Gaussian-plume models are best used for near-field applications where the steady-state meteorology assumption is most likely to apply.


A comparison between AERMOD and AusPLUME

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MFE - Good Practice Guide to Dispersion Modelling

Gardner, T., et. al (2015): AERMOD and AUSPLUME: Understanding the similarities and difference. Conference Paper, CASANZ2015 Conference, Melbourne, 20-23 September 2015.