CSRF Prioritisation Tool


This tool is used to prioritise contaminated sites for potential funding from the Ministry for the Environments Contaminated Site Remediation Fund.


This tool is an Excel Workbook that was developed to prioritise sites for funding from the Ministry for the Environment's Contaminated Site Remediation Fund.

The prioritisation is on the basis of risk to human and ecological receptors. The tool relies on sufficient being known about a site to determine the likely risk to receptors for various exposure pathways.  The less that is known about a site the more judgement will have to be applied by the assessor. 

Conceptually, the prioritisation tool is similar to the Risk Screening System (RSS) in that it used the Hazard – Pathway – Receptor equation to assess for a number of pathways or exposure routes the degree to which a pathway is likely to be complete, thus creating a risk to a receptor.

The original manual was prepared by Pattle Delamore Partners for the Ministry for the Environment in March 2011.  Revision 1 of the manual was prepared by the Ministry for the Environment in October 2013.

The current Tool file version W01813100 CSRF Prioritisation Tool mod07.xls.

For Further information see MFE Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund

Latest Version Revision 1 - Oct 2013
State of Development Unknown

Development Contact

Ministry for the Environment


Outcome Areas Environmental
Management Domains Waste
Intended End Users
  • Regional Council Scientist
Steady State or Dynamic Unknown
Level of Integration Environmental

Input & Output Data

Key Input Data soil, water, water use, terrestrial, food production
Input Data Formats Manual entry
Key Output Data Risk ratings
Output Data Formats XLS(S)


Open/Closed Source Open Source
Licence Type No Licence

User Information

Operating Systems MS Windows
Software Needed MS Excel
User Interface Graphical desktop
Ease of Use Easy
Use in Policy Process Do (Policy Implementation)

User Manual for CSRF Prioritisation Tool

Technical Considerations

Programming Language Excel
Methods included for managing uncertainty Uncertainty is dealt with using a range of scores and Monte Carlo analysis.
Analytical Techniques Input/output
Model Structure

CSRF Priorisation ConceptDesign

Keywords Contaminated land, Waste management,

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