Multi-scale Integrated Modelling for Ecosystem Services (MIMES)


MIMES is a multi-scale, integrated shell of models that determine stock and flows of selected ecosystem service models. These are bespoke models for particular cases. Mimes is a suite of applications, all delivered to end users through the Web. All applications have been designed with the help of professional usability engineers, and are accessible through a standard web browser.



Amongst these tools and resources are a set effective tool to present stakeholders with scenarios and a suite of models that assess the true value of ecosystem services in a sophisticated and transferable system to allow ecosystem managers to quickly understand the dynamics of ecosystem services, how their services are linked to human welfare, how their function and value might change under various management scenarios. It will facilitate understanding of the context of spatial patterns of land use, they dynamics of value, and the scale at which information is available for estimating ecosystem services at various scales (e.g. watershed, national and global).

MIMES will provide economic arguments for land use managers to approach conservation of ecosystems as a form of economic development. The model facilitates quantitative
measures of ecosystem service effects on human well-being.


The tool supplies ecosystem service flows.


MIMES provides a flexible platform for integration and is in essence an open source library of modelling modules available to custom design a particular model. Models can be
constructed of catchments, coastal zones and combination thereof at different scales.

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Roelof M. Boumans
AFORDable Futures LLC
4685 Greenbush Rd
Charlotte, VT 05445


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