Multicriteria Analysis (MCA)

An assesment method / framework


Multicriteria analysis or multiobjective decision making is a type of decision analysis tool that is particularly applicable to cases where a single-criterion approach (such as cost-benefit analysis) falls short, especially where significant environmental and social impacts cannot be assigned monetary values. MCA allows decision makers to include a full range of social, environmental, technical, economic, and financial criteria.


MCA describes any structured approach used to determine overall preferences among alternative options, where the options accomplish several objectives. In MCA, desirable objectives are specified and corresponding attributes or indicators are identified.

The actual measurement of indicators need not be in monetary terms, but are often based on the quantitative analysis (through scoring, ranking and weighting) of a wide range of qualitative impact categories and criteria. Different environmental and social indicators may be developed side by side with economic costs and benefits. Explicit recognition is given to the fact that a variety of both monetary and non-monetary objectives may influence policy decisions. MCA provides techniques for comparing and ranking different outcomes, even though a variety of indicators are used. MCA includes a range of related techniques, some of which follow this entry.

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Outcome Areas Economic, Environmental, Social, Cultural
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Analytical Techniques Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
Keywords social, environmental, technical, economic, financial
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Key References

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Use of Multi-Criteria Analysis to Identify a Preferred Dam Site (2009) : T Shaw et. al. Water NZ Annual Conference Paper