Possum Control DSS


To assist users to select the most appropriate control tools for possums based on the operational information provided.


This DSS is web-based framework of questions and information to help operational staff select the most appropriate control tools for their objectives and management situation.

For the DSS query supporting information is provided explaining why specific operational information is asked for, along with information on best-practice application of the recommended methods.

Checklists are also provided for the Vector Manager and Control Contractor aspects of an operation. These components prompt the users to check that they have considered all critical constraints of a possum control operation, and provides a checklist that can be stored or printed for future review.

Access is also provided to a Best Practice Information Index which provides up-to-date best-practice information on all aspects of possum control.

The four components of the DSS are accessed through a Landcare Research webpage:  https://possumdss.landcareresearch.co.nz/possum_dss/index.jsp

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Development Contact

Landcare Research


Outcome Areas Environmental
Management Domains Biosecurity
Intended End Users
  • Implementation Staff
Steady State or Dynamic Unknown

Input & Output Data


Open/Closed Source Closed Source

User Information

Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OS X
Software Needed Web Browser
User Interface Graphical desktop
Ease of Use Easy Uses a series of questions (true/false) to identify control options
Use in Policy Process Do (Policy Implementation)

Technical Considerations

Keywords Possum, pest control, biosecurity
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