Riparian Planner


The riparian planner is a tool developed to assist farmers to create a riparian management plan to fence, plant and protect waterways on their specific property or at a regional scale.                          


The riparian planner is a free online tool was developed by Dairy NZ and Landcare Research with inputs from regional councils throughout New Zealand. The tool is designed to help farmers visualise both the spatial extents of a riparian management plan as well as budgeting for such a plan over a period of years. The tool is set up to encourage sustainable land management practice and prioritise tasks as a part of this goal. The riparian planner is easy to use providing a printable pdf document of outputs that includes costs, actions and a timeline, a plant list, a map and details on fencing supplies needed, where to plant, site preparation and pest control.                                                   

An online riparian management plan can take less than an hour to complete. The tool’s flexibility allows the user to create a riparian management plan by budget and therefore provides an easy and affordable solution to riparian management. The tool also has the ability to plan by separate waterways and focus on a particular area of each waterway. As riparian zones develop the user can revisit the Riparian Planner to update details for further planning.

The steps involved in the online process are;

  • Sign up – indicating supply company and supply number
  • Locate property on the map, then use the tools feature to draw property boundaries.
  • Once boundary details are confirmed use tools to draw in drains, streams and other waterways.
  • Use riparian planner to plan site preparation, planting, ongoing maintenance and other costs here budget allocations can be outlined with funding allocations and timing of spending can be changed at any time.               
  • The riparian plan can be viewed as a whole or with focus on years within the plan or specific water way features.
  • Plant list for a specific farms location area also available in this process.                                 

The riparian planner tool provides a user friendly method to plan a flexible framework that farmers can use in the development of riparian zones throughout their farms waterways. The planning process allows realistic budgets to be allocated and realistic goals to be set over a manageable time frame to the user. The plans are designed for each user with consideration into suitable plant types for the given region with the aim of providing the most successful outcome given the plans completion.

State of Development Released and updated

Development Contact

Dairy NZ


Outcome Areas Environmental
Management Domains Land, Freshwater
Subdomains Water Quality
Intended End Users
  • General Usability
Spatial Resolutions 10-100m, 100-500m
Spatial Extents Land or Business Unit
Spatial Dimensions 2D
Temporal Resolutions Years
Steady State or Dynamic Steady State

Input & Output Data

Key Input Data waterways
Input Data Formats Entered directly into web browser
Key Output Data PDF summary
Output Data Formats PDF, Image File(s)


Open/Closed Source Closed Source
Licence Type No Licence

User Information

Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OS X
User Interface Graphical desktop
Ease of Use Easy Easy to follow web application
Use in Policy Process Do (Policy Implementation)

How to use Guide:

Technical Considerations

Analytical Techniques Input/output
Keywords Riparian management, water quality,

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