Vertebrate Pest Control Decision Support System


This DSS is designed to assist a wide range of possible end-users in determining the most appropriate choices of control tools for a particular vertebrate pest control programme.


This DSS has been developed to assist a wide range of possible end-users in determining the most appropriate choices of control tools for a particular vertebrate pest control programme. Presently the DSS covers five common New Zealand pests.

Vertebrate pest control in New Zealand is necessary to protect native flora and fauna, and to protect people from the damage that pests cause to agriculture and property. Deciding how to control vertebrate pests has become increasingly complex over the last 20 years due to new knowledge of pest impacts and control, an increase in the range of products available for pest control, new legislative and safety requirements for pest control operations, increased public interest in the impacts and control of pests, diversification of the pest control industry, and reorganisation of the roles of some of the key participants.

The DSS considers all well-recognised environmental, social, and economic constraints that must be considered in selecting the most appropriate control options, given the description of key site parameters by the user. However, the tool is designed to support, not replace, decision-making by pest managers. This is because there is always the possibility that the DSS may not consider every operational constraint that applies to a particular pest control operation in a particular locality.

Control options are all linked to best-practice advice and supplier information. Additional components include a control-costing tool, and a generic means of prioritising planned control operations. The DSS is not a comprehensive planning tool for pest control operations. Links to additional planning tools are however given in the 'help‘ sections associated with various parts of the system.

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Development Contact

Landcare Research
+64 3 321 9999
Landcare Research
P.O. Box 40 Lincoln 7640
Gerald Street Lincoln 7608
New Zealand

Main Developers

  • Landcare Research


Outcome Areas Economic, Environmental
Management Domains Biosecurity, Biodiversity
Intended End Users Pest Managers
Temporal Resolutions Not applicable
Temporal Extents Not applicable
Steady State or Dynamic Steady State
Level of Integration Economic, Environmental

Input & Output Data

Key Input Data Rainfall Location, Habitat and climate, Pest problem, control history and operational aim
Input Data Formats Web-based input format
Key Output Data Relative efficiency of proposed operations
Output Data Formats Web-based output format


Open/Closed Source Open Source
Licence Type No Licence
Licence Cost
(Non Commercial)
Licence Cost

User Information

Operating Systems MS Windows
Software Needed Web-browser
User Interface Please Select Web-based interface
Ease of Use Easy Requires data-forms to be filled out online.
Use in Policy Process Do (Policy Implementation)

Technical Considerations

Analytical Techniques Input/output
Keywords vertebrate pests, pest control, tools, biodiversity

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