Water Resources Integrated Development Environment (WaterRIDE)


WaterRIDE is designed to provide floodplain managers and Council staff with access to their model results in an intuitive manner providing valuable information to assist in the floodplain management process. It allows Councils to leverage their investment in, and to get value out of their floodplain modelling results, regardless of the model type used.


WaterRIDE is a well-established suite of modules which specialises in flood plain management. The software can be used in flood forecast modelling, floodplain mapping and property classification based on flood exposure data. It includes the ability to share flooding information within an organisation including ‘view only’ options for the presentation of modelling results.

The central feature of the waterRIDE suite is a module called FLOOD manager which, based on its time-varying GIS environment, supports the results of any 1D or 2D flood model. Models supported by waterRIDE ™ include (both 1D and 2D): MIKE11/21/URBAN, RMA-2, TUFLOW (Classic/FV/Pipes), SOBEK, FLS, ANUGA, EXTRAN (XP-SWMM), HEC-RAS, RUBICON, InfoWorks RS/ICM, SELFE, DELFT 3D, RiverFlow2D, and ESTRY.  The FLOOD Manager module is a purpose built flood management support system designed to make flood information easily accessible.

Other modules include flood forecasting, conversions from 1D model to 2D models, creation of DEM from LiDAR, RMA viewing and editing tools, and  modules designed to allow the user to link GIS data to almost any external data format i.e. documents, web pages, videos and photos.  

WaterRIDE was developed to facilitate the display and interrogation of time-varying results from any hydraulic model (1D, 2D or 3D) in a live GIS environment, a feature lacking in conventional GIS packages.

It allows for interrogation of the model results, across the entire time-series and provides access to, and integration with, GIS datasets. It is designed to provide managers with access to their model results in an intuitive manner providing valuable information to assist in the floodplain management process.

This is a commercial software suite provided by Advisian Digital who provide full details about capabilities, modules, trainign and resources on the WaterRIDE website

It has been used by a number of Councils in New Zealand.


State of Development Released and updated

Development Contact

Cameron Druery


Outcome Areas Environmental
Management Domains Natural Hazards
Intended End Users
  • Regional Council Scientist
  • General Usability
  • Implementation Staff
Spatial Extents Local (i.e. Catchment or District)
Steady State or Dynamic Dynamic
Level of Integration Environmental

Input & Output Data

Key Input Data Ouput data from flood models
Input Data Formats GIS compatible files
Output Data Formats GIS Compatible Files, Image File(s), Animations/video


Open/Closed Source Closed Source
Licence Type
Licence Cost
(Non Commercial)
Licence Cost

User Information

Operating Systems MS Windows
User Interface Graphical desktop
Ease of Use Easy Promoted as making information usable by all
Use in Policy Process Plan (Policy Formulation), Do (Policy Implementation), Review (Issue Identification)

Outside downloading DEmo - limited promotional resources are available on WaterRIDE website

Support Training courses are provided - details on WaterRIDE website (http://waterride.net/training/)

Technical Considerations

Analytical Techniques GIS, Input/output
Keywords Flooding, flood plain management, hazards planning, forecasting, mapping

WaterRIDE Website