Watershed Modelling (WSM)


The Watershed modelling System (WMS) has been developed by AQUAVEO who have developed a series of tools for the visualisation of surface and groundwater hydrology and hydraulics. Their software packages are widely used by consulting firms, universities and government agencies globally.          


WMS is a watershed analysis tool that provides hydrologic and hydraulic modelling at watershed scales.  

Promoted as an 'all-in-one' watershed solution the software provides access to a range of catchment and spatial tools that can be accessed via a simple graphic user interface.

 WMS User interface

WMS User Interface

WMS includes tools include:

  • GIS Tools
  • Web-based data acquisition tools
  • Terrain data import and editing tools
  • Automated watershed delineation & hydrologic modeling
  • Support for the most industry standard hydrologic models
  • Step-by-step hydrologic modeling wizard
  • Hydraulic modeling & floodplain mapping
  • Storm drain modeling
  • 2D (Distributed) Hydrology
  • Integration with FHWA hydraulic calculation software
  • Export WMS animations to GoogleTM Earth

The automated watershed delineation uses digital terrain data to automatically delineate a watershed and sub-basins.  As part of the delineation process, basin data such as area, slope, mean elevation, maximum flow distance, and many other commonly-used hydrologic parameters are automatically computed.

The floodplain modelling and mapping applies interpolation algorithms to allow creation of flood extents and flood depth maps using digital terrain data and water surface elevation data points. The Storm Drain Network Modeling create a complete storm drain network with unlimited pipes and nodes.

Depending on the user license, WMS also includes in interface for a range of industry standard hydrological models.


Latest Version WMS 10.1 (Aug 2018)
State of Development Released and updated

Development Contact

3210 N. Canyon Road
Suite 300
Provo, Utah 84604
United States


Outcome Areas Environmental
Management Domains Freshwater, Natural Hazards
Subdomains Flooding, Water Quantity/Flows
Intended End Users
  • Regional Council Scientist
  • Researcher
  • Consultants
Spatial Resolutions 10-100m
Spatial Extents Local (i.e. Catchment or District), Regional
Spatial Dimensions 2D
Temporal Resolutions Minutes, Hours
Temporal Extents Days, Months
Steady State or Dynamic Unknown
Level of Integration Environmental

Input & Output Data

Key Input Data Rainfall DEM
Input Data Formats GIS compatible files Web based
Output Data Formats GIS Compatible Files


Open/Closed Source Closed Source
Licence Type Free to community groups otherwise fee applies
Licence Cost
$$4100 (starting)

User Information

Operating Systems MS Windows
Software Needed GIS Software
User Interface Graphical desktop
Ease of Use Moderate
Use in Policy Process Plan (Policy Formulation), Review (Issue Identification)

WMS Learning Center - that gives access to videos, tutorials, WMS Wiki, WMS Forum and training courses

WMS V10.1 User Manual

Support WMS Learning Center
Users Forum http://forum.aquaveo.com/

Technical Considerations


WMS Home Page: https://www.aquaveo.com/software/wms-watershed-modeling-system-introduction

Introductory tutorial: http://wmstutorials-10.1.aquaveo.com/1%20Introduction-Intro.pdf         


Key References

Publications on WMS: https://www.aquaveo.com/software/wms-research-citations

Associated Case Studies

Other Key Case Studies

WMS Project Spotlight - Hobble Creek Stream Restoration:

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