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Title Purpose Description Domains Keywords Case Studies
Forest Investment Framework
Forest Investment Framework (FIF) enables decision-makers to identify sub-catchments or regions across New Zealand and assess their viability of purchasing land and its conversion to... Read More The Forest Investment Framework (FIF), previously called the Forest Investment Finder, has been developed to enable the assessment of key ecosystem services provided by planted... Read More Land Ecosystem Services Freshwater Biodiversity Forest ecosystem services, timber viability, pimus radiata, impedance layers, revenue layers, carbon sequestration, avoided erosion, provision of habitats, roading costs
Investment Framework for Environmental Resources
INFFER's purpose is to help people determine whether the environmental/natural resource projects they are investing in will deliver tangible results within budget; whether the tools... Read More The Investment Framework for Environmental Resources (INFFER™) is an approach to developing, assessing and prioritising activities and projects aimed at addressing environmental issues. It is... Read More Ecosystem Services Land
Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator
Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator (LUCI) is a tool that allows users to explore the capability of a landscape to provide a variety of ecosystem... Read More The Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator (LUCI) model allows the mapping of ecosystem services from the sub-field to national scale, and modelling of the impact... Read More Land Ecosystem Services Freshwater Biodiversity Ecosystem services, Land capability, indicators, Water quality, Soil, Sediment, River flow, Phosphorus, Other Services, Nitrogen, Management outcome, Land use, Land cover
Greenhouse gas fluxes, Climate scenarios, Biodiversity
Land Use Management Support System
LUMASS is designed to provide support for two high level aspects of land management: i) land use impact assessment and ii) spatial planning. The former... Read More The Land Use Management Support System (LUMASS) was developed by Alexander Herzig of Landcare Research it is a free and open source software. LUMASS is... Read More Ecosystem Services Land Freshwater Spatially explicit system dynamics, Land systems modelling, Spatial optimisation, Integrated
modelling framework, LUMASS
Multi-scale Integrated Modelling for Ecosystem Services
MIMES is a multi-scale, integrated shell of models that determines stock and flows of selected ecosystem service models to provide resource managers with an improved... Read More MIMES is a suite of applications, all delivered to end users through the Web. There are bespoke models for particular cases. All applications have been... Read More Ecosystem Services Ecosystem services, stocks, flows, scenarios
Urban Planning that Sustains Water
UPSW is designed to allow the user to assess the impacts of urban development scenarios on key attributes such as water and sediment quality, ecosystem... Read More Urban Planning that Sustains Waterbodies (UPSW) is a pilot spatial DSS, the model building and testing came to completion in December 2012. The DSS was... Read More Freshwater Ecosystem Services Coastal Urban Systems stormwater, urban water management, water quality, contaminants, ecosystem, habitat, indicators, BBN, C-CLAM, USC
Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer
WISE is an integrated spatial decision support system is intended to support regional policy development, planning and resource management. It allows future scenarios to be... Read More The* Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer (WISE)* is an Integrated Spatial Decision Support System (ISDSS) designed specifically for New Zealand which focuses on the Waikato region. It... Read More Land Urban Systems Biodiversity Freshwater Ecosystem Services regional policy, planning, resource management
Zonation Zonation identifies areas important for retaining habitat quality and connectivity for multiple species, indirectly aiming at species’ long-term persistence. Read More The ZONATION tool provides methods and software for ecologically based land use planning including decision support for spatial conservation resource allocation. Zonation is used to... Read More Biodiversity Ecosystem Services biodiversity, prioritisation,