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AMS/EPA Regulatory Model
AERMOD is an air dispersion model used for estimating the impact of new and existing sources of pollution on ambient levels at source-receptor distances of... Read More AERMOD is a steady-state plume model that incorporates air dispersion based on planetary boundary layer (PBL) turbulence structure and scaling concepts, including treatment of both... Read More Air Quality Air Quality, Dispersion Modelling
The CALPUFF model simulates the effects of time and space-varying meteorological conditions on pollution transport, transformation and removal. Read More CALPUFF is an advanced non-steady-state meteorological and air quality modeling system. The model has been adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) in... Read More Air Quality atmosphere, air quality, pollution, meteorology
Health and Air Pollution in New Zealand (2012)
A Health Effects Model allows end users to run scenarios to undertake sensitivity testing to test the effects of different assumptions, evaluate the effects of... Read More A Health and Air Pollution in New Zealand Study was first carried out in 2007 to comprehensively assess the air pollution health effects in New... Read More Air Quality Air Quality, Exposure model, Health effects model
Vehicle Emissions Prediction Model
The Vehicle Emissions Prediction Model (VEPM) is used to predict emission factors for New Zealand fleet vehicles that could be found under typical road, traffic... Read More VEPMs intended use is for emission estimation at road network level. It is well suited for scenario testing and modelling future developments and road use... Read More Air Quality