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Title Purpose Description Domains Keywords Case Studies
Dynamic Reservoir Simulation Model - Computational Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics Model
These models assist in the estimation of the impact of different forcing functions (e.g. climate and inflows) and management options on water quality, with a... Read More DYRESM – CAEDYM is a one dimensional hydrodynamic-ecological model that can be used to investigate the interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes that occur... Read More Freshwater Coastal water quality, lakes, reservoirs, transport, temperature, management
Estuarine Trophic Index Toolkit
The NZ Estuary Trophic Index (ETI) toolkit is to assist regional councils in determining the susceptibility of an estuary to eutrophication, assess its current trophic... Read More The Estuary Trophic Index (ETI) toolkit is a series of decision support tools developed with funding from Envirolink Tools Grants for the Regional Councils Coastal... Read More Coastal estuary, trophic Index, Nutrient loads, eutrophication, susceptibility, health
Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs
The Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs (InVEST) tool is a suite of free open source software models for the mapping and valuing of... Read More InVEST is the main tool developed by the natural capital project in partnership with several academic collaborators including Stanford Department of Biology, the Chinese Academy... Read More Freshwater Coastal Biodiversity Land Community
Marine Habitat Assessment Decision Support Tool
To provide a tool that would assist regional council resource managers and decision makers to critically assess the relative state and value of coastal habitats... Read More Regional councils have an important role in the undertaking the preservation of natural character and protection of indigenous vegetation and fauna. However this has been... Read More Coastal Marine Habitat,
Marxan Marxan is a conservation planning software that allows a systematic approach to the design of efficient conservation areas. Read More Marxan is a suite of tools designed to help decision makers find good solutions to conservation planning problems. Initially designed to address conservation area design... Read More Land Biodiversity Coastal Biodiversity, conservation planning, priorities
River and Coastal Model
River and Coastal Ocean Model (RiCOM) is a hydrodynamic model that is used to understand threats from coastal inundation events Read More The River and Coastal Ocean Model (RiCOM) is a numerical hydrodynamic model used to demonstrate near shore hydrologic conditions primarily surrounding water velocity and height. The... Read More Coastal Freshwater
SeaSketch SeaSketch's aim is to enable participatory marine spatial planning processes through the collective capture, presentation and analysis of relevant science and information. Read More SeaSketch is being used around the globe in small agency teams and large community-driven initiatives to support and make better management decisions. SeaSketch is a... Read More Coastal coastal planning,
Urban Planning that Sustains Water
UPSW is designed to allow the user to assess the impacts of urban development scenarios on key attributes such as water and sediment quality, ecosystem... Read More Urban Planning that Sustains Waterbodies (UPSW) is a pilot spatial DSS, the model building and testing came to completion in December 2012. The DSS was... Read More Freshwater Ecosystem Services Coastal Urban Systems stormwater, urban water management, water quality, contaminants, ecosystem, habitat, indicators, BBN, C-CLAM, USC