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Title Purpose Description Domains Keywords Case Studies
Highly Erodible Land Model
HEL identifies land that is highly erodible. It identifies steep land that is at risk of mass movement. It identified land that should be under... Read More The Highly Erodible Land (HEL) system identifies land highly susceptible to mass-movement erosion using a combination of the erosion terrains derived from the NZLRI database,... Read More Land Natural Hazards Freshwater erosion risk, land sliding, earth flow, gully erosion, sediment, land cover
New Zealand Empirical Erosion Model
NZeem® is an empirical model that predicts mean annual sediment yield from a given catchment, based on annual rainfall, type of terrain and percentage of... Read More NZeem® partitions the New Zealand landscape according to the factors controlling erosion: rock type, land form (especially slope angle), rainfall and land cover. The erosion... Read More Land Natural Hazards erosion, sediment, rivers, farm plans, soil conservation
Regional Flood Estimation Tool for NZ To provide up to date flood magnitude estimations for New Zealand catchments to inform the decision making and design of built infrastructure. Read More This tool represents a new model of flood magnitude for New Zealand catchments, and a re-assessment of the uncertainty inherent in the existing method that... Read More Natural Hazards Flood estimates, Hazards, infrastructure
Risk Assessments Risk assessment is a key process in the management of risk. It provides a process for the consistent and considered assessment of both the likelihood... Read More Risk assessment is a step in a risk management procedure. Risk assessment is the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk related to a... Read More Natural Hazards General
Riskscape RiskScape is a loss modelling tool to support evidence-based risk assessments for natural hazards. It draws on decades of natural hazards research to model how... Read More The RiskScape software is designed to assist organisations and researchers with estimating asset impacts and losses from natural hazards. The software take a set of... Read More Natural Hazards natural hazards, risk assessment,
Suspended Sediment Yield Estimator
A New Zealand national GIS ‘layer’ to enable reconnaissance-scale estimation of suspended-sediment yields from New Zealand’s rivers and streams. It has been developed by NIWA... Read More SSYE uses a raster-based GIS layer of specific suspended-sediment yield (SSY, t/km2/y) from New Zealand’s rivers and streams has been generated based on gauged sediment... Read More Land Natural Hazards Biodiversity sediment, sediment yield, river, stream
Watershed Modelling
The Watershed modelling System (WMS) has been developed by AQUAVEO who have developed a series of tools for the visualisation of surface and groundwater hydrology... Read More WMS is a watershed analysis tool that provides hydrologic and hydraulic modelling at watershed scales. Promoted as an 'all-in-one' watershed solution the software provides access... Read More Freshwater Natural Hazards
Water Resources Integrated Development Environment
WaterRIDE is designed to provide floodplain managers and Council staff with access to their model results in an intuitive manner providing valuable information to assist... Read More WaterRIDE is a well-established suite of modules which specialises in flood plain management. The software can be used in flood forecast modelling, floodplain mapping and... Read More Natural Hazards Flooding, flood plain management, hazards planning, forecasting, mapping