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Title Purpose Description Domains Keywords Case Studies
Environmental Flows Strategic Allocation Platform
EFSAP is designed to assist with quantifying instream (physical habitat for fish) and out-of-stream (reliability of supply) consequences of different minimum flow and allocation limits... Read More EFSAP was developed by NIWA as a water allocation decision support tool. The main uses of this tool have been in response to the introduction... Read More Freshwater Biodiversity Water allocation, stream habitat, scenarios
Forest Investment Framework
Forest Investment Framework (FIF) enables decision-makers to identify sub-catchments or regions across New Zealand and assess their viability of purchasing land and its conversion to... Read More The Forest Investment Framework (FIF), previously called the Forest Investment Finder, has been developed to enable the assessment of key ecosystem services provided by planted... Read More Land Ecosystem Services Freshwater Biodiversity Forest ecosystem services, timber viability, pimus radiata, impedance layers, revenue layers, carbon sequestration, avoided erosion, provision of habitats, roading costs
Freshwater Ecosystems of New Zealand
FENZ consists of a large set of spatial data layers and supporting information on New Zealand's rivers, lakes and wetlands. The database aims to support... Read More The Freshwater Ecosystems of NZ (FENZ) geo-database provides an independent, national representation of the biodiversity values and pressures on New Zealand's rivers, lakes and wetlands.... Read More Biodiversity Freshwater Biodiversity, Freshwater ecosystems
Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs
The Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs (InVEST) tool is a suite of free open source software models for the mapping and valuing of... Read More InVEST is the main tool developed by the natural capital project in partnership with several academic collaborators including Stanford Department of Biology, the Chinese Academy... Read More Freshwater Coastal Biodiversity Land Community
Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator
Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator (LUCI) is a tool that allows users to explore the capability of a landscape to provide a variety of ecosystem... Read More The Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator (LUCI) model allows the mapping of ecosystem services from the sub-field to national scale, and modelling of the impact... Read More Land Ecosystem Services Freshwater Biodiversity Ecosystem services, Land capability, indicators, Water quality, Soil, Sediment, River flow, Phosphorus, Other Services, Nitrogen, Management outcome, Land use, Land cover
Greenhouse gas fluxes, Climate scenarios, Biodiversity
Marxan Marxan is a conservation planning software that allows a systematic approach to the design of efficient conservation areas. Read More Marxan is a suite of tools designed to help decision makers find good solutions to conservation planning problems. Initially designed to address conservation area design... Read More Land Biodiversity Coastal Biodiversity, conservation planning, priorities
River Values Assessment System
RiVAS is designed to provide an explicit and standardised method to develop assessment criteria and significance thresholds for multiple in and out of river values.... Read More The RiVAS tool (and its underlying method) uses a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) approach and aims to: Establish criteria to assess the river value; Identify significance thresholds... Read More Biodiversity Community Freshwater river, values, planning, significance
Suspended Sediment Yield Estimator
A New Zealand national GIS ‘layer’ to enable reconnaissance-scale estimation of suspended-sediment yields from New Zealand’s rivers and streams. It has been developed by NIWA... Read More SSYE uses a raster-based GIS layer of specific suspended-sediment yield (SSY, t/km2/y) from New Zealand’s rivers and streams has been generated based on gauged sediment... Read More Land Natural Hazards Biodiversity sediment, sediment yield, river, stream
TEC tool
Threatened Environment Classification
The Threatened Environment Classification Tool was created to make LENZ (Land Environments of New Zealand) accessible to key biodiversity managers. It is an extension to... Read More The Threatened Environment Classification is an interactive GIS tool which helps planners identify and set a value on New Zealand‘s threatened environments. Landcare Research has... Read More Land Biodiversity LENZ, biodiversity, threatened, land environments
Vertebrate Pest Control Decision Support System This DSS is designed to assist a wide range of possible end-users in determining the most appropriate choices of control tools for a particular vertebrate... Read More This DSS has been developed to assist a wide range of possible end-users in determining the most appropriate choices of control tools for a particular... Read More Biosecurity Biodiversity vertebrate pests, pest control, tools, biodiversity
Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer
WISE is an integrated spatial decision support system is intended to support regional policy development, planning and resource management. It allows future scenarios to be... Read More The* Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer (WISE)* is an Integrated Spatial Decision Support System (ISDSS) designed specifically for New Zealand which focuses on the Waikato region. It... Read More Land Urban Systems Biodiversity Freshwater Ecosystem Services regional policy, planning, resource management
Zonation Zonation identifies areas important for retaining habitat quality and connectivity for multiple species, indirectly aiming at species’ long-term persistence. Read More The ZONATION tool provides methods and software for ecologically based land use planning including decision support for spatial conservation resource allocation. Zonation is used to... Read More Biodiversity Ecosystem Services biodiversity, prioritisation,