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Agent Based Modelling
An agent-based model (ABM) (also sometimes related to the term multi-agent system or multi-agent simulation) is a class of computational models for simulating the actions and interactions of... Read More
KerBabel™ Deliberation Matrix
The KerDST Deliberation Matrix aims to help a group of stakeholders understand a particular issue or problem through a qualitative assessment of the problem including... Read More The KerDST (Deliberation Support Tool) including the KerBabelTM Deliberation Matrix (DM) and the KerBabelTM Indicator Kiosk (KIK) is an on-line tool offering users a multi-stakeholder... Read More Land Coastal Urban Systems Natural Hazards Biodiversity Community Air Quality Freshwater integrated assessment, indicators, qualitative
NManager NManager is intended to reflect the complex biophysical properties of a catchment and the behaviour of landowners under regulation. It simulates the economic costs and environmental impacts associated... Read More NManager is a partial equilibrium simulation model developed by Motu and NIWA, the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research. NManager allows for integrated modelling of catchments (currently... Read More Land Nitrogen, trading, emissions, Rotorua, groundwater, water quality, dairy, sheep/beef, forestry
The Auckland Regional Model
To support a broad dialogue among stakeholders of the Auckland Council with regard to the interlinkages between the 4 aspects of well-being (social, cultural, economic... Read More The Auckland Region Mediated Modelling (MM) provided an opportunity for 9 - 15 representative stakeholders to come together over a period of three workshops (September,... Read More Urban Systems Auckland Region, Mediated Modelling, Regional Planning, Regional Attractiveness, Ethnicity, the four well-beings, System Dynamics
Integrated Freshwater Solutions
The IFS model is a scoping model constructed from a Mediated Modelling process which extended over 3 workshop days with 16-18 participants from Horizons Regional... Read More The IFS model connects land use types (including urban) with loadings of sediment and nutrients to the river. Aquatic habitat and values such as mauri... Read More Land Freshwater Manawatu, catchment, Nitrogen, phosphorus, Sediment, Runoff, Flood protection, Natural Capital, Maori values and Mana
Vertebrate Pest Control Decision Support System This DSS is designed to assist a wide range of possible end-users in determining the most appropriate choices of control tools for a particular vertebrate... Read More This DSS has been developed to assist a wide range of possible end-users in determining the most appropriate choices of control tools for a particular... Read More Biosecurity Biodiversity vertebrate pests, pest control, tools, biodiversity