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Then welcome to the Envirolink Decision Support Systems (DSS) Directory which contains a range of relevant models and systems that have been developed or used in New Zealand to support decision making.

The DSS Directory contains an overview of each model or framework and summarises their key attributes (metadata). Where available case study examples of how DSS's have been applied are also provided. To get a quick overview of Envirolink Tools and this DSS Directory watch this Short Video

Links and references for further information are also included. Additional information is also provided on DSS's and their use.

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Featured Case Studies

BBN - Rural Land Use and Streams - Bog Burn, Southland

This case study describes a causal linkage model between practices on dairy farms and on-farm and in-stream values in Bog Burn, Southland.

CBA - Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme

Under the Smart Heat Programme, subsidies are provided towards the costs of retrofitting insulation and/or installing clean heating for pre-2000 houses.

HEL - Manawatu Whanganui Region

After the 2004 storm the Council is currently examining options to reduce hill country erosion risk and one of the first tasks is to (better) define and identify land that is highly erodible.

NZFARM - Nutrient Reduction Policy in Hurunui Catchment, North Canterbury

Estimates are made using NZ-FARM of changes in net revenue, land use, enterprise mix, and environmental outputs when landowners in the Hurunui plains sub-catchment must reduce their aggregate nitrogen and phosphorous loading targets of 15% and 30% below baseline levels.

Scenarios - Four NZ Futures

Four New Zealand scenarios are presented which range from an increasingly insular society that finds little benefit in diversity other than separating ‘winners and losers’ to one where multi-cultural aspects are heralded as a cornerstone of the nation’s identity.

WISE - Waipa District Growth Strategy

The key questions that were of interest to Waipa DC with respect to draft Growth Strategy were:

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