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Need support for your decision making processes?


Then welcome to the Envirolink Decision Support Systems (DSS) Directory which contains a range of relevant models and systems that have been developed or used in New Zealand for supporting decision making.

The DSS Directory contains key data about each model or system and where available case study examples of how they have been applied. Links and references for further information are also included.


If you have suggestions for other DSS's or case studies please go to the Suggestion Box.

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  • WISE - Urban Growth

    This case study applies Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer (WISE) to explore urban sprawl scenarios for the Future Proof project centred on Hamilton and surrounding districts.

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  • BBN - Rural Land Use and Streams - Bog Burn, Southland

    Maintaining key values in streams and rivers in areas of intensive dairy farming often requires concerted action based on a shared understanding of the links between waterway values, farm practices and stressor mitigations.

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